So you have decided to join and support someone on their creative journey, kudos to you because it's the best thing you can for a creator! Now, allow us to help you through the boring parts so that you can easily make your way into the member community.

We will be paving our way thoughts topics one at a time starting at the steps to becoming a member, followed by ways to access your membership content and then about managing your membership payments, including payment fails and card declines. Let's get started.

Becoming a member

Step 1

Visit the creator's Buy Me a Coffee page. If you don't have their page URL, you can simply look them up using the search option on our home page.

Step 2

Click on the membership widget, select between Yearly and monthly membership subscriptions, enter your name, email, and click on the "become a member" button.

Note: Your membership subscription will be linked to your email address, So, while entering the email, make sure you have access to the email and double-check for any typos.

Step 3

Choose between the "Pay with card" or the PayPal option, enter your payment details to complete your membership payment. Also, If you really appreciate what this creator does and want to contribute more than the minimum amount, you can use the "pay what you want" option and subscribe at a higher price.

Note: Payment methods are selected and set up by creators themselves. Hence, if you only see one option to pay from (PayPal/Card payments), it's because they have only enabled one.

Congratulations!🎉 You have successfully subscribed to a creator and have become a member. You can check your email inbox to find a welcome email from the creator along with details of your subscription.

Accessing membership content

Many creators share exclusive posts via their memberships. If your creator has listed access to members-only posts as a membership benefit, you will have easy access to them right from your account. Here's how -

Step 1

Login to your member account using the email address you used for the subscription.

Step 2

All the latest posts from the creator will be listed on your home page, click on a post to open it.

Step 3

You can also click on the creator's profile icon from the top of your home page and visit their profile to access all the added posts. If you are looking for a specific post, you can use the search posts option and find the post.

Manage your membership payments

To view your membership payment details, click on your profile icon on the top right corner, click on "My Account" and click on the payments tab. Here, you’ll see any credit card and PayPal accounts you’ve added to your account. Use this section of your account, to update your credit card details, and to add new methods.

Your membership payments will be charged every 30/365 days (based on your membership plan, monthly/yearly) from the date of your first payment. And, if by any chance, your membership payment fails to go through, this is what you can do -

1. Ensure that you have enough funds to complete the membership payment. Oftentimes, when a PayPal payment fails it's because you don't have the adequate amount in your PayPal balance. To avoid this, you can change your payment source from your PayPal balance to your card.

2. If your current card has expired, you can easily add a new card using the "Add a new card" option on your payments page. Your new card will be automatically updated as your active card.

3. In case the PayPal account used for your membership subscription is no longer in use, you can simply cancel your current subscription and resubscribe to the creator using your new PayPal account.

Note: Buy Me a Coffee allows a 10 days grace period for all payment failures so that members have enough time to update their payment details. You will also be given access to the membership content for these 10 days.

Have any other questions on your membership subscription we should answer? Please reach out to us at [email protected] or click on the message icon below to chat with us.

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