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Why are the memberships renewed after I cancel them?
Why are the memberships renewed after I cancel them?

The article explains when to cancel a membership.

Updated over a week ago

To cancel a membership level, members must initiate the cancellation process through their Buy Me a Coffee dashboard before the renewal date. Please make sure to check the renewal date from your dashboard before proceeding with the cancellation.

Once the renewal date has passed, our payment provider (Stripe) will proceed with the payment, and the membership will be automatically renewed for the following month. Therefore, any attempts to cancel the membership after the renewal date will not be effective unless the next cycle is completed.

However, there may be instances when Stripe is unable to process renewals for certain months, which can be due to reasons such as insufficient balance, among others. In such cases, Stripe will send you a notification via email, similar to the example below:

Please note that this email is intended to inform you about updates necessary for payment processing. If you receive such an email and attempt to cancel the membership afterwards, it will not be successful. The payment partners will continue their efforts to process the payment, and the cancellation will only take effect from the subsequent month.

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