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How to switch from Patreon to Buy Me a Coffee
How to switch from Patreon to Buy Me a Coffee

Learn how you can easily move your audience from Patreon to Buy Me a Coffee

Updated over a week ago

We have a lot of creators switching over from Patreon to BMC and we get why. This is a really exciting time of change, and putting together a thoughtful plan for your rollout will ensure a smooth transition for both you and your fans, and we are here to help you make a perfect soft launch.

Step 1

Set up your membership page

Memberships on Buy Me a Coffee are very easy. With just two steps, that is deciding on a membership price and listing out membership rewards you will be all ready to get started.

Step 2

Create a content library

Now, this step is optional. However, if you are someone who shares a lot of exclusive posts and content via your membership, you can start adding them to your Buy Me a Coffee page. This way your future members will have access to a backlog of content when they join your membership.

Step 3

  1. Bringing potential members to your page

You can start by sharing your Buy Me a Coffee link with your upcoming audience. Share your page everywhere you can think of, your Twitter bio, YouTube channel art, and if you have a website you can add your Buy Me a Coffee Button or widget to it. This way you can bring in new members to your page as well as supporters, something you were missing out on Patreon. You can also consider writing a blog post or making a video announcement introducing Buy Me a Coffee to your audience.

2. Add your current patrons to your page

Once you are ready with your membership page on Buy Me a Coffee, it's time to invite your current patrons over. Before you announce your new plans, make sure your fans have a clear understanding of how this switch is benefitting you and your community.

Nobody wants to be the first one at a party. Similarly, you’ll likely come to find that getting the first few fans through the door could be a tricky part while introducing them to a new platform.

The best way to combat your community’s fear of joining too soon is by adding more people in advance to your page. You can do this by adding your friends or family to your Buy Me a Coffee page using the giveaway option.

Start a countdown clock and continue to build excitement about the new platform as you get closer to the move. You can also carry out contests or giveaways and give out lifetime access to the winners.

And that is it folks, you are all set to make the switch. Good luck and feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need a hand with anything. :)

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