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FAQ on Buy Me a Coffee Referrals

Refer Buy Me a Coffee to your audience and get rewarded!

Updated over a week ago

How can I use the referral program?

To take part in the Buy Me a Coffee referral program, simply log into your account and head to your dashboard. From there, scroll down to the footer and click on "Refer a Creator" to find your unique referral link. Share this link with your network, encouraging them to create their own Buy Me a Coffee page through it.

How can I promote my referral link?

  • Share your positive experiences with Buy Me a Coffee on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and include your referral link.

  • Create a YouTube video about how you use Buy Me a Coffee and add your invite link in the video description.

  • Embed your referral link in newsletters or email campaigns to reach your audience directly.

  • Write a blog post introducing Buy Me a Coffee and add your referral link at the end to encourage sign-ups.

What counts as an active referral?

An active referral is when someone uses your link to sign up and successfully receives their first payment on Buy Me a Coffee.

I see inactive creators on my referral list. Why?

Inactive creators appear if they haven't yet earned any payments through their Buy Me a Coffee page.

What rewards can I earn by referring creators to Buy Me a Coffee?

By spreading the word and inviting creators to Buy Me a Coffee, you can unlock some amazing rewards! Here's what you can look forward to:

  • 1 invite: Unlock exclusive features tailored for our top ambassadors.

  • 3 invites: Receive a shoutout in our newsletter, reaching over 1.5 million creators.

  • 10 invites: Gain priority chat support and access to our exclusive Discord channel for direct assistance.

  • 20 invites: Get your hands on some cool Buy Me a Coffee swag with a special swag pack delivered worldwide.

Why haven't I received rewards for my invites?

We take a moment to review each referral against our community standards before issuing rewards. If you've noticed a delay or absence in rewards, it could indicate that the referrals don't quite meet our quality criteria.

If someone joins from my invite and receives a coffee, will I also receive one?

Under the current referral program, you won't receive a coffee when your invitee gets one. The previous program offered this benefit, but we've updated our referral rewards. Check out the details in the previous questions for more information on the rewards you can earn.

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