Whether you’re creating: videos, images, podcasts, or original songs you will want to share that content with your audience. Posts are a great way for creators to share their work in a more meaningful manner. Buy Me a Coffee allows creators to create and share members-only posts, supporter-only posts as well as public posts.

A public post will be available for everyone regardless of whether or not they are a paid supporter or a member. They're just like a "blog post" as they're publicly accessible by anyone with a web browser or mobile phone. We always encourage creators to add a few public posts to your page and this is why -

- Public posts are a great way to advertise your content as free content has a way of getting around.

- Get some practice with using the post editor before you start getting supporters/members.

- Give your non-supporters a glimpse of what your members/supporters have access to.

- Public posts help you get your best work to more people who need it.

How to publish a public post?

Step 1

From your Buy Me a Coffee dashboard, select the "posts" option and then click on "Write a post"

Step 2

Add your post title, content, set your audience as "public" and hit publish.

Once you've published the post, it'll be accessible by everyone, so feel free to share your post link on Facebook, Twitter, wherever your audience is at. 🚀

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