Memberships promise you a recurring income along with an unbreakable bond with your fans. You can create as many membership levels as you’d prefer and offer multiple rewards at each level.

In this article, we are diving deeper into how to get started with membership levels. Finally, you will end up owning a creator page that works best for every one of your fans.

Here is everything we would cover:

Setting up a membership level

First things first, in this section we will see how to enable your membership, create a level with a name, description, image, and fix a price for your level.

Step 1:

Go ahead and select the Membership tab from your Dashboard. Click on Enable Membership to start setting up your first membership level.

Step 2:

Pick out a catchy name for your membership level. You can always change this later if you ever come across another one that sounds better

Step 3:

Enter the monthly and yearly charges for your level after considering all the effort and time you are investing. Yes, you can edit this later too!

Step 4:

Add that extra tinge of color to your page by uploading an image or maybe drag and drop one!

Step 5:

Jot down a line in the Description field to help supporters get a quick glance at each level.

All the changes that are being made to your membership level are shown in real-time on the right side of the page.

Offering rewards to your fans

Rewards are the perks received by your fans after opting-in for a particular membership level. Stand out by offering unique rewards for your fans. However, if you ever run out of ideas we have a fully-stacked reward library that would perfectly suit every level!

Your rewards could be exclusives like members-only posts and messages, digital goods like documents and digital portraits, or physical goods like merch, letters, or other collectibles.

Every membership level comes along with two default rewards that you can either choose to keep, or you could remove them and start from scratch.

Here is how to add a reward to your membership level:

Step 1: Click on the "Add a reward" button.

Step 2: You can select one from our most popular rewards.

Step 3: If you are going with a custom reward, enter a one-line description about the unique reward you are offering.

If you are offering multiple rewards, then repeat the steps until you have added all the rewards.

You can Edit and Delete a reward by clicking on the options menu.

Limiting your members

For setting up a members limit, click the checkbox and enter the maximum number of members who can join your level. Highly recommending this feature, if the rewards take up a lot of time and involve complicated tasks.

Creating a welcome message

It's wonderful to make a personalized welcome message for every new member who joins a level. This simple step would bring in the rapport and tone for every future interaction with your fans. You can preview your welcome message after saving it.

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