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How to switch from supporter to creator?
How to switch from supporter to creator?
Updated over a week ago

Are you on Buy Me a Coffee to support your adored creator? While you buy some coffee for that creator, you now have a supporter account so that next time when you buy another coffee to support a creator you can simply log in with your email id and an OTP generated at the time of login.

Now, anytime, if you wish to get some coffee for yourself, we welcome you to be a creator here.

Steps to switch from supporter to creator

  1. Go to the hamburger menu on the top right corner and click on the β€œBecome a Creator” option.

  2. Please add your picture and fill in the details and hit on the continue button.

Congratulations, you now have a creator account with Buy Me a Coffee. Make sure you share your account with your supporters and start earning your coffees.

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