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How can I set up direct bank transfers for payouts?
How can I set up direct bank transfers for payouts?
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Buy Me a Coffee allows for direct bank deposits to over 115 countries. While this feature is facilitated by Stripe, it differs from the standard Stripe Connect. You can manage your payout schedule and track its progress through their dedicated mobile app. Also, we take care of disputes and chargebacks, freeing you from dealing with these issues.

Here are the steps to connect Stripe Express on Buy Me a Coffee.

  1. Head over to your payout-settings page and click on the Withdraw button.

  2. Choose the "Direct Bank Deposit" option.

  3. Click on the "Set bank deposit" option, and you will be asked to fill in your bank details.

  4. After submitting these details, you will be redirected to the payout settings page, and the connection to Stripe Express via bank transfer will be successful.

You're all set! Once your connection is successful, your payouts will be processed every Wednesday.

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