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When are payouts processed?
When are payouts processed?
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Payment processing will be automatic when you have enabled Instant payments (Stripe) on your page, for Standard payments (Direct bank deposit and Payoneer) payouts are processed within 7-10 business days. It would take additional review time for your first payout.

Instant Payouts: Payments are processed instantly to your Stripe account.

Standard Payout: Payouts are processed every Wednesday to your bank account. We use and Payoneer to process Standard Payout.

As soon as your account balance hits $20, your account will be automatically submitted for review, once your page is successfully reviewed you can request a payout anytime, and it will be processed the very next Wednesday.

Note: You can skip the review process by enabling instant payouts using Stripe.

To make that more clear, here's a cool graphic to show how it works:

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