Payout Status definitions

Different payout statuses and what they mean

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All payout requests will be processed in 7 business days, if you are a brand new creator, your page has to be reviewed before you can withdraw your first payout (This is a one-time process, all future payouts will be processed in a week).
To make things more straightforward, we'll display the state of your payout using different statuses that are explained below.


What it means

Proof requested

We need more details to process your payout. You can the share link(s) to the website or social media page where you are promoting your page.


Displayed when there is an error in the bank account details you shared. The payout should be returned to your pending balance. You can re-initiate another payout process after reconnecting your account using the correct details.


The payment provider has requested more details to process your payout. Simply submit the details using the "Fix your payout" option on your payout dashboard and we'll retry the payment.

In progress

We are processing your payout. Funds usually arrive within 7 business days.


The payout provider has initiated the payout, the payment will be credited to your account within 48 hours.

Paid out

The amount has been successfully credited to your Bank account.

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