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Discontinuing PayPal (FAQ)
Updated over a week ago

Will this affect my earnings?

With Instant payout (via Stripe) or the Standard payout, more payment methods such as credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, and other local payment methods like iDEAL will show up on your page. From what we see, it will most likely increase your earnings potential.

What's the next step?

Choose Stripe or the Standard Payout. Once a payout method is enabled, your page will be ready to accept credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Should I choose Stripe or the Standard Payout?

With Stripe, the money will go directly into your bank account within 2 business days. Stripe is available in 40 countries.

Standard Payout can be enabled in one click, and we will start accepting payments on your behalf. You can withdraw your balance to your bank account any time you like. We work with Payoneer to offer bank deposits to 150+ countries.

What if I don't have a Stripe or Payoneer account?

Creating a Stripe account takes only a few minutes. However, they might require additional verification to enable your account.

However, if you choose the Standard Payout, we will immediately start accepting payments on your behalf, and you can withdraw to your bank account whenever you're ready to withdraw. You do not need a Payoneer account to choose this option and activate your page.

You can contact our support if you have any trouble connecting to Stripe or Payoneer. We're an official payment partner of both services and will be happy to escalate your requests.

Do you have plans to introduce more payout methods?

Yes. We are currently working with Wise (previously Transferwise) to offer direct bank deposits in over 60 countries. This feature will be rolled out as an alternative payout method under the Standard Payouts option. You will not be required to create a Wise account.

What fees do Stripe and Payoneer charge?

Stripe charges 25 cents per withdrawal. Payoneer charges $3 per withdrawal. Keep in mind that this fee is charged per bank withdrawal and not transaction. With Standard Payout, you can choose to wait until you have a sizable balance before you can withdraw, therefore saving a lot on fees.

What payment methods can my supporters use to pay if I enable Stripe or Standard Payout?

Your supporters will have the option to pay using Credit/Debit Cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. We'll soon implement more local payment methods such as iDEAL (Netherlands) and UPI (India).

Will my membership renewals be affected?
If the PayPal membership renewal fails, members will be immediately notified to resubscribe using a new payment method (with step-by-step instructions). We have also increased the grace period to give them ample time to switch to a new payment method.

I have more questions. How do I contact you?

Our community team is working round the clock, and you can reach them at [email protected]. We appreciate your patience.

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