Stripe offers instant payouts to your bank account, adding Stripe will also enable more payment methods for your supporters, including Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Connecting your Stripe account.

You can connect Stripe to your Buy Me a Coffee page directly from your sign-up flow.

Step 1

From the payment selection modal select the option Stripe and click on connect.

Step 2

A new tab or window will open where you can either sign up for Stripe if you don't have an account already, or you can Sign In in using your Stripe email.

Step 3

Once you successfully log in/ sign up to your Stripe account, you will be redirected to your Buy Me a Coffee page and your account will find your account connected.

Stripe is now available in 44 countries around the world, If you have additional questions, they have a good list of frequently asked questions around getting paid.

You could also explore Stripe Atlas if you're in a non-supported country, or If you're on the lookout for Stripe alternatives, consider our standard payout.

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