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How to connect Discord to your membership levels?
How to connect Discord to your membership levels?

Connect your Discord server to your membership rewards, and get your member community chatting today.

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Discord is a voice and text chat app where you can engage with your members, foster community, and get valuable feedback for your membership.

Community access can be extremely effective for getting your fans to become your members; with this integration, you can offer your Discord server access as a membership benefit, making your membership more exclusive and exciting.

Connecting Discord to your Buy Me a Coffee account

  1. Set up your Discord server (if you don't already have one). Learn how to set up your Discord server here.

  2. Once you have your Discord account and server created, login to your Buy Me a Coffee dashboard, go to settings, on the Integrations tab, and click on the Connect button.

  3. On the new window that appears, log in to your discord account and select the server you want to add to Buy Me a Coffee. Click on authorize and clear the captcha. You will now be redirected back to the Integrations page.

Assigning Discord role to levels

Once you have successfully integrated your discord, it's time to allot the roles you want to assign your members.

  1. For that, head over to your membership tab, click on the edit option next to the membership level of your choice.

  2. Scroll down on the level settings page and check the "Give members access to selected discord roles" option.

  3. A drop-down menu appears, select the desired role you want to offer the members of this particular level, and click on update.

Once a new or an existing member connects their Discord account, they will automatically be invited to the Discord server and will be assigned the role added to the level they subscribed to. And, in case they cancel their membership subscription, we’ll remove the role from their Discord account for you.

Some points to note:

  • You can assign a different role to each level and only members of that level will be able to access it.

  • By default, the Buy Me a Coffee bot will be placed above the role you just created (Buy Me a Coffee member). If you have existing roles you’d like to assign to members, simply drag the Buy Me a Coffee Bot above those roles. If the Buy Me a Coffee Bot is not above these roles, you will not be able to assign them to your members.

If you have any questions at all, send us an email at [email protected] or click the icon below to chat.

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