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How do I access my Discord role?
How do I access my Discord role?

Learn how you can access the discord role reward offered by the creator you are subscribed to.

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Creators sometimes offer access to various discord roles as a membership benefit, if your creator has mentioned this in their list of rewards, you can easily access the role using your membership email. Learn how -

Step 1

Login to your member account using the email address you used at the time of the subscription. After this, visit the creator's Buy Me a Coffee page, go to the membership tab, on the membership tab you'll see the option to access the discord community, click on the "Connect to Discord" button, and log in to your Discord account.

Note: If you are new to discord, make sure to sign up and create an account before you follow these steps.


Step 2

Once logged in, you'll be asked to authorize access to the Buy Me a Coffee bot, simply click "Authorize" and you'll be given access to the discord role offered by the creator.

Any questions? Let us know by chatting below or emailing us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to help! πŸ˜„

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