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How to follow or unfollow a creator?
How to follow or unfollow a creator?

Follow your favorite creators on Buy Me a Coffee and stay updated on their work and progress.

Updated over a week ago

If you appreciate a creator's content and wish to stay updated without making a support or subscribing to their membership, we suggest you follow them. The following doesn't involve any payment, unlike support or memberships. Plus, when you're logged in, you can conveniently view the updates from creators you follow by clicking on the "Creators I Follow" tab.

How to Follow a Creator:

  1. Click on the Follow button located at the top right corner of your favourite creator's Buy Me a Coffee page.

  2. If you're logged in, the button will change to 'Following,' indicating that you've become a follower. If not logged in, you'll be prompted to enter your email ID and log in to complete the process.

How to Unfollow a Creator:

  1. To unfollow a creator, click on the 'Following' button at the top right of the creator's page. It will change back to 'Follow,' and you won't get updates about the creator's content anymore.

Note: If a creator locks their posts for supporters and members, even if you're following them, those posts will stay locked for you too

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