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How to follow or unfollow a creator?
How to follow or unfollow a creator?
Follow your favorite creators on Buy Me a Coffee and stay updated on their work and progress.
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Follow a creator

You can follow any creator directly from their page. Click on the Follow option under the creator’s cover image, enter your email address, and verify your email address. If you already have an account, you can simply log in to follow the creator.

The "Follow" button text changes to "Following", and you are officially a follower of the creator.

How do I unfollow a creator?

You can easily unfollow/unsubscribe any creator, directly from their Buy Me a Coffee page. To unfollow the creator, simply click the button that says Following. You’ll know you’re no longer following the creator when the button text changes to Follow.

And that’s it, you will no longer see the creator’s public posts in your home feed and will no longer receive their post notifications. Even so, you can still view the creator’s public posts if you visit the creator’s page.

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