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Prohibited and Restricted Content on Buy Me a Coffee
Prohibited and Restricted Content on Buy Me a Coffee

An article on content that is prohibited on Buy Me a Coffee

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Buy Me a Coffee is a platform where creators can earn money while producing content that their supporters can enjoy. Our team is committed to ensuring that Buy Me a Coffee is a safe place for everyone and never a venue for illegal, hateful, violent, or sexual content. To maintain this safe environment, we do not allow the promotion of certain types of content, including sexual, violent, or illegal content. This article provides further insight into the prohibited content on our platform.

Requirements for Payment Providers

Our platform facilitates payments using Stripe. It is necessary that our creators must adhere to the guidelines and terms of use imposed by Stripe. Being a partner of Stripe, we will take action to remove content and restrict creators from using the platform when they violate their terms.

Scope of Guidelines

To begin with we want to make sure that these guidelines apply to all aspects of Buy Me a Coffee including but not limited to imagery, text, video, audio, services, physical or digital items that are sold using Extras and Commissions, and links located anywhere on direct messages, galleries, profiles, posts, comments, commissions, extras, and any other location where content can be added. Links or references to Buy Me a Coffee from other web pages or profiles containing prohibited content and vice-versa are also subject to these guidelines.

What is Strictly Prohibited Content in Buy Me a Coffee?

We never want our creators to use Buy Me a Coffee as a medium to make arrangements for any kind of prohibited content. Following is the list of content that is strictly prohibited in Buy Me a Coffee.

Illegal Activity

  • Activities that violate any kind of law or governmental regulation.

  • Using Buy Me a Coffee as a means to fund ransom, facilitate human trafficking or exploitation, vigilantism, and collect bribes or bounties.

  • Products or services delivered through our features like Extras and Commissions that directly infringe or facilitate infringement upon the trademark, patent, copyright, trade secrets, or proprietary or privacy rights of any third party.

  • Transactions for the sale of items, goods or services including digital downloads done deliberately with the purpose of avoiding paying taxes.

  • Making use of the Buy Me a Coffee platform to Fund legal cases and challenges of any kind.

  • Streamlining raffles, lotteries, giveaways, or games of chance where a fee is paid to enter and winners are selected at random with Buy Me a Coffee.

Harmful Content

  • Content that is based on blackmail or threatening harm to oneself or others for soliciting payments of any kind.

  • Visual or audio content that contains harmful misinformation like Holocaust denial, political conspiracies, pandemic-related conspiracies and other medical falsehoods.

  • Deliberate doxing i.e. sharing an individual’s private details or aggregation of non-private information with the intention of harming their reputation and publicly exposing them.

  • Extremist views on political or religious radicalism that may malign, condemn or undermine a specific group or demographic.

  • All sorts of violent or excessively gory content and any content glorify violence in any way.

  • All other types of illegal content like

    • Content that glorifies and encourages self-harm or suicide.

    • Hate speech using culturally insensitive language or visual representations targeting any individual, group, or institution directed at conditions, diseases, and mental health disorders.

    • Using artwork or photo alterations to degrade or bully a person or persons.

Sexual Content

  • All forms of sexual harassment including cyber flashing, cyberstalking, uninvited sexual remarks, etc.

  • Content pornography, nudity, depictions of rape and other forms of sexual assault.

  • Any and every form of adult content related to nudity, sexual acts, and pornography including literature, imagery, videos, and links to external sites or content containing such material.

  • The buying and selling of any form of sexual services such as prostitution, escorts, pay-per view, and adult live chat features.

AI-generated Content

  • Buy Me a Coffee is against scraping content from the platform. This also includes scraping for the purpose of training AI models.

  • AI models that have been trained to engage in explicit adult activities/acts, that use the likeness of known individuals for NSFW purposes, and that have been trained using artists’ work without their consent are also strictly prohibited.

Other Prohibited activities

  • Content in any form intended to spread spyware, malware, viruses or linking to malicious websites containing such links.

  • Content that makes a false statement about Buy Me a Coffee or otherwise intentionally harms our reputation, our affiliates, and other third parties.

Should I Tag My Page as NSFW (Not Safe for Work)?

Yes, you should if necessary. Buy Me a Coffee offers the ability to tag your page as NSFW. However, it is important to note that the NSFW tag does not permit Buy Me a Coffee members to use their page or create content that does not comply with our policy.


Your accounts on Buy Me a Coffee can be flagged as inappropriate by various parties, including our payment partners Stripe, Buy Me a Coffee page viewers, our diligent moderation team, and our advanced auto-filtering technology. In such cases, the flagged accounts may be subject to limitations or even publishing. If you encounter a "Pending Review" or "Page Unpublished" message when logging into Buy Me a Coffee, we encourage you to follow the appropriate steps outlined in our support resources. Our dedicated team is available to assist you in resolving any issues and guiding you through the review process.

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