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Product Guidelines for Buy Me a Coffee Shop
Product Guidelines for Buy Me a Coffee Shop

Just so you know, these are the things you can't sell on Buy Me a Coffee.

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At Buy Me a Coffee, we're proud to support a vast community of creators. While we're excited about the variety of content and products sold in our Shop, there are certain rules we need our creators to follow to ensure a safe and compliant environment for everyone. We encourage all our creators to familiarize themselves with these guidelines to ensure their accounts remain in good standing.

Specific Prohibited Products:

When using Buy Me a Coffee, there are specific types of content and products that are not permitted for sale. Understanding these restrictions helps maintain a safe and lawful environment for both creators and supporters. Below is an expanded list of items that you cannot sell on the platform:

  1. IPTV Subscriptions: Selling access to IPTV services is not allowed. These services often provide unauthorized streaming of copyrighted content, which violates various copyright laws.

  2. Reselling Proprietary Products: This includes any items you do not have original ownership of, such as ebooks, online courses, software, digital templates, video clips, fonts, and presets.

  3. Event Tickets and Planning Services: You cannot sell tickets to events or offer services related to organizing and planning events through Buy Me a Coffee.

  4. Unauthorized Sale of Physical Goods: This category includes electronics, toys, jewellery, or any mass-produced items not created or owned by you. All physical products sold should be your original creations.

  5. Hacked Materials or Illegal Services: Selling information obtained through hacking or offering illegal services is strictly forbidden.

  6. Selling Drugs: The sale of illegal drugs or substances is strictly prohibited. This includes any products that are illegal under US federal law or the laws of the seller's or buyer's jurisdiction.

  7. Products Violating US Federal Laws: This encompasses items such as certain CBD (Cannabidiol) products that do not comply with federal regulations, contributing to legal complexities and potential liabilities.

  8. Explicit Adult Content: Any content displaying actual human sexual behaviour is not allowed. This helps ensure the platform remains appropriate for a wide audience.

  9. Services Outside of Buy Me a Coffee’s Scope: We do not permit the sale of services that involve physical labour or activities that extend beyond the digital scope of Buy Me a Coffee, such as in-person repairs or manual labour.

  10. Food Items, Medical Products, and Skincare or Beauty Products: Due to health and safety regulations and potential legal implications, these items are not allowed for sale on the platform.

  11. Financial Advising Services: This includes services related to financial advising, credit repair, or discussions on credit improvement, which could pose legal and ethical risks.

  12. Selling Gift Cards or Financial Instruments: Transactions involving gift cards, financial tokens, or similar instruments are prohibited due to their high risk and potential for fraud.

  13. Products Promoting Animal Cruelty: We do not tolerate the sale of products that encourage, depict, or result from animal cruelty.

Regarding selling services

You can offer services on Buy Me a Coffee, but there are some rules to follow.

Buy Me Coffee transactions are meant to be simple, customers pay and immediately receive something, like a digital file (PDF, video, etc.).

Make sure the services include a direct, immediate transaction. If you're offering something like coaching sessions or Skype lessons, also provide something tangible like an ebook or a video. This helps us ensure there's a clear 1:1 transaction.

You can offer:

  • Coaching services with additional resources.

  • Online lessons, paired with digital files.

  • Access to exclusive content, like a private social media feed.

Avoid selling:

  • Technical installation or support.

  • Physical or extended services like roof repairs or website redesigns.

This is because services are riskier than digital products, often leading to higher chargeback rates. We aim to keep our platform safe and straightforward, avoiding legal complications. If you have questions or need clarification, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Handling Violations:

Selling any prohibited items is considered a violation of our terms, and may lead to your account being banned. We aim to create a safe and positive space for all creators on Buy Me a Coffee. Please ensure your items comply with our guidelines. If you're unsure or have any questions, our support team is here to help.

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