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A Detailed Guide on Personalised Commissions
A Detailed Guide on Personalised Commissions

Get to know how commissions on Buy Me a Coffee can help you.

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Commissions are great for those creators, who want to sell unique and creative services to their supporters. The process is simple and quick. Figure out what you want to offer, create a listing, set the price, and share it with your followers. If they are interested, they pay you upfront and then both of you can work out the details together.

What can you offer as Commissions?

If you're skilled at something you enjoy doing, we suggest you can offer it as a Commission on Buy Me a Coffee. Here are a few ideas of what you could offer through Commissions.

  • Digital art

  • Poems

  • Online teaching sessions

  • One-on-one consultation

  • Custom art crafts

  • Content Services

  • Literally, you can offer anything that feel that you're good at!

Fact: Our data indicates that creators who provide commissions earn over three times the amount compared to those who only receive support.

Key tips to keep in mind

  • Make sure you add to listing what you're really good at. For example, if you're skilled at teaching, offer live lessons. If you're a talented digital artist, consider creating digital art based on what your supporters request.

  • Enable the "pay what you want" option. This lets them give you more money if they're feeling generous.

  • Change the name of Commissions to something like Services, Bookings, Requests, or Readings—pick the one that matches what you're providing. If you offer tarot readings, go with "readings," for instance.

  • Consider having a limited number of total slots available. This means you set a limit to each listing. But if you don't think this is needed and want to offer as many slots as possible, you can skip setting a limit for the slots too.

  • Offer your members a special discount on commissions. This way, you can value your current members and maybe even attract more.

  • Don't forget to turn off your commissions if you need a break. Once you're ready, you can easily turn them back on again.

Setup Your Commissions Now

Click here to learn how to add a listing for your commissions and create your own now. If you're looking for inspiration, take a look at our featured creators below who are doing an excellent job with their commissions.

  1. Molongski offers a limited number of slots for name requests, and one of them is already sold out.

  2. Brian Garvey has several listings for physical products that will be shipped to you after you make a purchase.

  3. Lastly, AstroShaman 🦅 Pernell Bobby 🏔️ has listings available as booking with limited slots and discounted prices for members.

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