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How to create your first Commissions?

A brief description of what are commissions and how to create them.

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Commissions are personalized services you can offer to your followers or members. With Buy Me a Coffee Commissions, you can sell a wide range of services, from personalized essays to engaging 1-on-1 video calls. It's the perfect feature to connect with your audience and provide unique experiences tailored to their needs.

In this article, we'll guide you on how to create your first commission and learn more about this process.

How to add your listings?

To create a Commission first you should add your listing. Here is how you can do that.

  1. Click on the "Commissions" tab.

  2. Select "Add Listing" from the options.

  3. You can provide the necessary information on the form that appears:

    a. Name: Give your listing a name that describes the service you're offering.

    b. Description: Write a clear and informative description of what the commission entails.

    c. Information from the buyer: Specify any extra information or requirements you need from your followers who may be interested in this commission.

  4. Add a Preview Image: Choose an image that represents your commission well and helps attract attention.

  5. Set the Price: Decide on a fixed price for your commission.

  6. Add-ons: If you offer any additional options, then specify them here.

  7. Additional Options: You can choose to include additional options like shipping (if applicable), a thank you message, set a limit on the number of slots available, and specify the delivery time.

  8. Fill in all the necessary details and options. Then review your listing to ensure all information is accurate and complete and now click on the Publish button. You have created your first Commission.

What additional features does Buy Me a Coffee offer on Commissions?

Rename Commissions: In the settings section under commissions on your dashboard, you can change the title of the tab that appears on your page. This allows you to choose a name that best describes what you're offering, such as requests, services, bookings, or readings.

Enable Slot Limits: If you want to limit the number of commissions you can take on, you have the option to enable "Limit slots across all listings." When this feature is activated, all your upcoming commissions will be closed once the overall number of slots is reached.

Add Your Terms: Under this section, you can provide specific details about your delivery options, what you will deliver, return policies and other relevant information. These terms apply to all of your commission listings.

Special Discount for Members: By enabling this feature, you can set a percentage discount that will be applicable to all tiers of membership. This discount will be visible on your page and can be a great way to provide special benefits to your loyal members.

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