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How to sell multiple quantities of the same item on Shop?
How to sell multiple quantities of the same item on Shop?

The article explains how to enable the feature that lets supporters purchase the same item multiple times

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It could be difficult for your supporters to go through the purchasing process repeatedly when they want to buy the same item in larger quantities. However, we have a solution that will make it much more convenient for them. This article provides detailed information on how you can enable your supporters to easily select and purchase multiple quantities of the same item in a single transaction.

By implementing this feature, you will enhance the shopping experience for your valued supporters and maximize your earnings, as you will receive payment based on the total quantity purchased.

How to Enable Multiple Purchases?

To enable this feature when creating the shop item, navigate to the advanced settings section and activate the toggle switch for the option "Allow the buyer to choose a quantity".

By enabling this option, supporters will be able to select the desired quantity of the item, and the creator will receive a payment calculated by multiplying the chosen quantity with the base price.


  • When a creator sets a limit on the available slots for a particular item, supporters are unable to exceed that limit when making a purchase.

  • If a creator has set a limit and a supporter has already purchased the item up to that specified limit, the item will be automatically marked as "sold out."

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