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Multiple currency shopping on Buy Me a Coffee
Multiple currency shopping on Buy Me a Coffee

Now your supporters can view and purchase the price of your Shop item in different currencies!

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Your supporters have the option to buy items from your shop in their preferred currency with these settings. This can increase your sales as your supporters will be more likely to make purchases when they can easily understand prices without the need for conversions.

How to get started?

Connect your Buy Me a Coffee account with Stripe Express for Payouts. Now your supporters can enjoy viewing your Shop items in their preferred currencies and experience personalized shopping.

How can I understand the conversion rates?

We use real-time exchange rates to convert the prices. For a clear picture of your earnings and the conversion rates, head to your Orders page and click on the purchased item for more details.

Does the payment in different currencies impact my payouts?

No matter the currency your supporters use, your payouts stay in USD. This makes things easy and smooth for you as always.

How can my supporters see Shop items in different currencies?

When your supporters visit your Shop, they can scroll down and click the drop-down menu at the bottom left. From there, they can choose their preferred currency. The Shop page will then reload, showing item prices in the selected currency.

If you have any more questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

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