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How to manage claims on your Shop?
How to manage claims on your Shop?

This guide explains how you can ask more details from the supporter and mark claims as completed for easier Shop management.

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When someone buys something from your shop, it's called a claim. This article explains how to handle the claims on your shop, breaking down each step for you.

What happens when you have a new claim?

Whenever a new claim arises, you can find it listed in the Claims section on your Shop page. This helps you respond promptly or monitor each claim easily.

How do we get more info from the list?

  1. For more information, click the three dots next to the specific Shop item you're interested in and select View Info.

  2. Here, you'll find details such as the Shop item, amount, processing fee, and transaction ID.

How does the refund work on a Shop item?

  1. If you're unable to deliver the item, you can initiate a refund by clicking on the refund option.

  2. Simply confirm the refund by clicking the confirm button to complete the process.

What to do when you want to communicate with the supporter to complete a delivery?

  1. When you're waiting for a response from the supporter to finalize a delivery, you can utilize the "Ask a Question" option found under Advanced Settings while creating the Shop item.

  2. After a purchase, the supporter receives this question and can respond with necessary explanations or details. They enter their answer in the provided field and click the post button.

  3. In the claim section, you can view this message. Clicking on it allows you to provide your response as well, facilitating communication and ensuring a smooth delivery process.

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