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How to add and edit a cover image
How to add and edit a cover image
Add a cover image to be publically showcased on your page.
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Cover image appears at the top of your page and is the best way to showcase your brand/style. Pages that have a cover image set look more complete and also get more visitors!

Adding a Cover Image

Go to your page by selecting the "View my page" option from your account settings, then click on "Add a cover image"

From the modal that comes up, you can use the "upload cover image" option, or you can use the search option to pick any image of your choice to be added as your cover image.

Once you have selected your image, you can make the required adjustments by dragging and repositioning it.

When you are happy with your cover image, click on "Save changes" to make it live on your page.

Replace or remove your cover image

To change the cover image added on your page, go to the "My page" area of your account, hover over the cover image section, and click on the "Replace Image" option.

You can click on the "Remove" button here to delete your current cover image from your page.

Any other questions on how to customize your page? Click the chat icon at the bottom right and our friendly support folks will be happy to help! πŸ™Œ

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