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How to set up goals 🎯
How to set up goals 🎯

Learn how you can add, edit, and reset goals on your page.

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Goals are a great way to collect support for any specific reason by displaying the progress publicly on your page. It helps in getting your supporters excited about joining you on the journey to help you achieve something.

Adding a goal

From your account dashboard, select the page settings option and scroll down to find the "Set a goal" option.

Click on the "Add a goal" option, a form will pop up.

Choose if you want to set goals for your one-time supports or for your membership option.

Fill in the form by entering your goal description, target amount, and the amount you have raised so far.

Once you are happy with the details, click on "save" to add this goal to your page.

Editing a published goal

You can use the edit option in your goal settings to update your current running goal, you can change the wording or amount while keeping your goal progress.

Reset your current goal

The reset goal option allows you to create a new goal and restart your progress from 0.

Remove goals from your page

Click on the delete option if you want to remove the goal tile from your page entirely.

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