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Publishing posts to a membership level
Publishing posts to a membership level
Select and control which levels can access your posts, ensuring that each post reaches your targeted audience.
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Exclusive posts are a great way to deliver content to your members and also helps you stay in touch with them.

When you have enabled multiple levels on your membership, it is important that you publish your posts only to those levels where you have added this reward.

Making a post exclusive to a level

1. Start by selecting the "My posts" tab and click on the "Write a post" option, you will be taken to the post editor.

2. From the sidebar of the editor, choose your post audience and from the dropdown that appears, select the level or levels to which you want to publish this post to

You need to select at least one plan for your post. Only Membership levels you select will receive the content and get an (optional) email.

Keep in mind that the levels you do not select will see that the post is "Locked" from them and will not receive an email.


If you want to give the members of a level access to your old members-only posts, make sure that you edit the posts and enable access to that particular level.

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