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Link your socials to your Buy Me a Coffee page πŸ”—
Link your socials to your Buy Me a Coffee page πŸ”—

Add and link your, website, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook profiles to your page

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Linking your socials on the Buy Me a Coffee page establishes your identity as the original creator that your followers already know and follow on social media. It also allows you to showcase all your accounts in one place.

Follow the steps below to add all your socials to Buy Me a Coffee.

  1. Log in to YouTube and go to your channel.

  2. Click on the Customize button to access channel customization options.

  3. In the customization menu, find and tap on the Basic Info section.

  4. Keep scrolling down until you reach the Links section. And click on the Add button to proceed.

  5. Paste the URL of your Buy Me a Coffee page and give it a suitable name for display.

  6. Click on the Done button to finalize the changes.

Congratulations! You've successfully added the Buy Me a Coffee link to your YouTube channel. Your supporters can now easily show their love and support. Enjoy the journey ahead!

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