Editing your Extra

Let's say you left out some details in your extra or want to increase the price up a notch, simply edit your extra and update it to add all additional details.

For that,

Go to your extras page.

Click on the hamburger menu on your extra, select the edit option, make the required changes, and click on the "Update this extra" button. All changes will be updated to your live extra.

Remove an extra

If your extra is sold out or is no longer available you can deactivate your extra to remove it from your page. Once deactivated, the extra will no longer be visible to your page visitors.

Head over to your Extras page

Click on the hamburger menu next to your extra and select deactivate. The extra will be deactivated and removed from your page.

However, all details of your extra, including the names and emails of the supporters who claimed your extras and your extra details, confirmation message will still be preserved.

You can also reactivate the extra to get it back up on your page, saving you from the struggle of creating it from scratch.

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