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Learn all about membership periods, cancellations and billing.

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When you're thinking about starting a membership level, it's common that you might have some questions. To help you get started on the right foot, we've gathered some useful and commonly asked questions in this article.

Can I change my membership price after launching my membership?

Yes, you can! Maybe you weren't ready to set a higher price back then or maybe it felt as if you were asking too much and you decided to go low with your membership price in the earlier days. But now, things are better you are not the rookie anymore and you would like to change your membership price. In that case, just head to your membership page where the membership levels are listed, edit and update the membership price, and click on "save changes".

If I change the current price of my membership, will it change for my older members?

No, it won't. Whatever price people are charged when they sign up for the Membership is their price for life. Only your new members will be charged the new price, your old members can continue with the price they originally signed up for, unless you or they cancel their subscription and sign up for a new one.

When are my members billed?

Your members are charged right away when they first subscribe. After that initial payment, they will be billed regularly โ€“ every 30 days for monthly memberships and every 365 days for yearly memberships, starting from the date of their first payment.

Are my members notified when their membership is auto-renewed?

As per industry standards, your Members get an email notification for each renewal, after the payment is processed.

What happens if a member cancels their membership immediately after subscribing?

If a member cancels their membership right after subscribing, they can enjoy the benefits for the current billing period, which might be the next month or year based on the billing cycle. However, there won't be a renewal after that cancellation period.

How can I reach out to my members?

If you need to convey an important announcement or a brief message to your members, simply access the Message from the sidebar. From there, select the member's group, type in your message, and click the send button.

How do I cancel a member's subscription for them?

If a member is unable to cancel their membership and requests cancellation, you can facilitate this from your membership dashboard. Search and find the member. Then, click on the three dots (...) and select "View Info." From the pop-up window, click on the "cancel membership" button.

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