Let's say your membership launch didn't get the right start you wanted, or maybe you are just starting off, either way a blank membership page can cause some concern.

But don't worry, there's an easy fix to this - membership giveaway aka free memberships. Bring in your friends, family, and fans, let's get that ball rolling.

How does this work?

Visit the settings page from your membership dashboard - https://www.buymeacoffee.com/membership/settings

Scroll down to find the Membership giveaway option.

Enter the email of your friend and simply click send!

Now we will send an email to your friend with a login link, all he needs to do is log in with that link and Voilà! You have a new member.

How do I remove a free member?

In case you change your mind about an added member, you can remove them by clicking on the "Manage free members" option right below the Membership giveaway.

From the pop up window that appears, hover over the member's email and click on "Cancel".

The member will be removed from your list, they no longer will have access to any of your content.

You hear that noise? It's your member community rooting for you! 🥳

Remember, everyone wants be part of an active, engaging group, so add more people, start discussions over comments, share your page and if you ever hit a wall, we are just a text away! 🤗

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