Keeping things simple 😊

We go to extreme lengths to make it easy for creators to get started, and for their audience to support them.

Making bolder bets & iterating fast ⚡️

We do weekly sprints and ship new updates at an alarmingly high speed. The downside is that we are bound to make a lot of mistakes. The upside is that we'll figure things out given time, and faster than anyone else :)

Creator-first and we mean it 💃

Every decision we make at Buy Me A Coffee must pass this litmus test. We do not ship a new product or feature if it's not in the best interest of the creators. 

Delightful user experience 🤩

It is a creative challenge to design experiences for the creators, and we obsess over every pixel and detail.

Friendly and fun 🙈

Our name @buymeacoffee probably gave it away, but we like to keep things light and merry. We hope you like it too!

Founders who lived on $300/mo Adsense revenue 🏡

Our founders are creators themselves who lived on a moderate Adsense income from their blogs. $300 is what you pay for a gym membership in San Francisco (looking at you, Equinox); but in many parts of the world, it is good enough to make a living. 

We get what every coffee means to you ✊

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