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Why is there a charge from Buy Me a Coffee on my account?
Why is there a charge from Buy Me a Coffee on my account?
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What is Buy Me a Coffee?

Buy Me a Coffee is a platform for creators to accept support from their fans. We support a community of over a million creators by enabling them to monetize their work through one-time donations, memberships, and shop sales.

Are the payments on Buy Me a Coffee recurring?

Payments made for support, shop items, or commissions on Buy Me a Coffee are one-time transactions. Membership payments will automatically renew on a monthly or yearly basis, depending on the selected renewal cycle. Your invoice will have the details of what you actually purchased.

Are there any guidelines on refunds at Buy Me a Coffee?

Buy Me a Coffee is built on the principle of supporting creators, we understand that there may be instances requiring refunds. But if you've mistakenly supported a creator or are dissatisfied with a purchase or support provided, we suggest initially contacting the creator directly. If you do not receive a response after a reasonable time, please contact us, and we will assist you further. For a detailed understanding of our refund policies, click here.

What should I do if I find an unfamiliar charge from Buy Me a Coffee?

If an unrecognized charge from Buy Me a Coffee appears on your statement, please reach out to us with your card's last four digits, the card brand, expiration date, the charged amount, and the transaction date here. We'll investigate the issue and if we identify it as an unauthorized transaction, we'll begin the refund process.

What can I do if I have further questions?

Drop us a line at [email protected]. We’re here to help and love answering your queries.

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