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FAQ on the supporter count displayed on your page
FAQ on the supporter count displayed on your page
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Displaying supporter count on your page helps you appear more authentic and even build some momentum.

A great majority of our creators choose to display their supporter count publicly. We thought we should let you in on the process of count calculation.

We recently released a new update with a few altercations on how this count is calculated. Our goal is to make it more accurate and meaningful in the long run.

How is the supporter count on my page calculated?

Before we get into how the current supporter count on your page is determined, let's see how it was before.

Old Count → (Supports) + (Active Members)

Supports → Number of total supports, where multiple supports from the same supporter are calculated differently.

Active Members → Number of current active subscriptions, ex-members are not counted.

However, a lot of things comes into perception with the latest update, and here's how,

Current Count → (Supporters) + (All Members)

Supporters → Number of total supports (one-time support, shop, extras purchases where the paid amount > 0), Supporters who made multiple payments won't be counted twice.

All Members → Number of total members, this includes ex-members as well.

Why did the supporter count on my page decrease?

You may notice a slight change in your supporter count, the new supporter count calculates multiple supports from a supporter as one, so if you had multiple supports added to your count, that would now be added as one.

Why did the supporter count on my page increase?

If you suddenly see a spike in your supporter count, it is because, in the new calculation, your ex-members are also added as your supporters. Even though these members aren't supporting you currently, they were still a part of your support system and is worth mentioning in your count.

Will I lose any of my supporters/support received?

Absolutely not! The only thing that changes with the new supporter count calculation is the number of times a single supporter is added to your total, which changes no other aspects of your page. Everything else will function as normal.

How can I revert to my old count?

If you prefer things the way they were before, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected], and we'll be happy to make the changes for you. Any other questions or suggestions on the new supporter count? Simply click the black icon at the bottom left, and let's talk.

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