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How to use Instagram to get more supporters πŸ’Ÿ
How to use Instagram to get more supporters πŸ’Ÿ
Convert your followers into paid supporters with these 4 easy steps!
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Instagram is considered the best place to share creative content in the most fun and interactive way. But what if you aren’t exactly fluent in the ways of it? Sure, you use Instagram in your personal life β€” but how do you make it work for your creative business?

Here's how

To help you build your supporter count and get your amazing works out to more people, here are 5 quick tips to use your Instagram followers to your benefit

Add your Buy Me a Coffee link to your Instagram bio πŸ”—

This is the most obvious and easiest way to promote your page on IG. Your bio is what describes you, it is the one thing that is available to everyone, even if you have a private account. If you already have a link in your bio you can use a directory site like

Mention BMC in your posts πŸ–Ό

Use your Instagram posts to talk about your Buy Me a Coffee page. Share your page screenshots, your interaction with supporters, and give your followers a reason to check out your BMC page. If your's is a public profile, you can also introduce Buy Me a Coffee as a place where you share the most exclusive content, somewhere for your superfans to gettogether.

Get creative with your stories ✨

IG stories are another great way to reach out to your supporters. Ask them to join you on Buy Me a Coffee to access your Close friends IG story, post sneak peeks of your exclusive posts. You can also use stories to promote your latest extra, updating your followers on the progress of claims on a limited extra will create a sense of urgency and will help you sell more.

Shout out your supporters πŸ—£

Nothing makes someone feel quite as special as being recognized. Social media is an easy and fun way to shout out your loyal supporters. Shine a light on them by thanking them publicly and tag them if you can. You can either share a screenshot of their support or simply mention their name. At the end of the day, these are the people that help you run your creative business. Love on them whenever you can.

Go live on Instagram 🀳

One of the best features offered by Instagram is an interactive live session. Mention Buy Me a Coffee as you chat away with your followers. Make sure you bring this up naturally, just throw in a quick line saying:

β€œOh, by the way, go and check out my Buy Me a Coffee page and support. It would mean a lot. Thanks!”

Remember: The reason you have followers is that people find you interesting. Your followers are fans who enjoy your content for free, so give them a way to say thank you, or to support you to create more.

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