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FAQ on the supporter count
FAQ on the supporter count

Here is how we calculate your supporters' count

Updated over a week ago

Displaying supporter count on your page helps you appear more authentic and even build some momentum. A great majority of our creators choose to display their supporter count publicly. In this article, we have added a few frequently asked questions regarding the Supporter Count.

How to display your supporter count?

To display the supporter count, you just need to keep the toggle next to the option “Display supporter count” ON while you set up or edit the page.

How is the supporter count calculated?

The total supporter count is the sum of all one-time supporters and members. One-time supporters include any payments made on Support, Shop, and Commissions. But remember we calculate multiple supports from a supporter as one, so if you had multiple supports from the same email ID that would be added as just one. Members are the total number of members who are active as well as cancelled.

Why are the cancelled members considered in the count?

Even though these members aren't supporting you currently, they were still a part of your support system and so we believe they are worth mentioning in your count.

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