A claim is when a supporter purchases your extra. Every purchase of your extra is recorded as a claim on your extras page.

We have made it easy for creators to keep track of each claim, respond to your supporter's questions, and mark the claim as delivered, all from within your claims page.

Let's get into details of each step involved in delivering an extra claim.

Step 1

A new claim on your extra,

You get an email notification each time someone claims your extra. The new claim is also marked on your extras page, alongside the extra. Click on the extra and all new claims will be listed on in the order which they were made.

Step 2

Responding to an extra message.

If you had asked for any extra details from your supporter, their replies will be attached to your extra claim here. Click on the extra claim to open the message box and respond to any supporter messages.

Step 3

Marking an extra as done.

Once you have successfully delivered an extra, you can mark the claim as done this makes it easy for you to keep track of your extra and also to deliver your extras in time.

Go to your extras, open the extra claims, and check the "mark as completed" box.

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