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Can I Make My Payment Private?
Can I Make My Payment Private?

What if I'd like to support a creator anonymously.

Updated over a week ago

Buy Me a Coffee allows supporters to make their payments private. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Choose the number of coffees you want to buy to support the creator.

  2. Ignore the 'name' field and add an optional message if you would like to. You can make this message private by checking the box below.

  3. Once you're done, click on the 'support' button.

  4. Next, please enter the email address and continue with your payment.

Things to remember

  • If you are an existing Buy Me a Coffee user and you are using the same email id to support this user, then you cannot make this payment private.

  • Likewise, you cannot make a private payment while you are logged in as a Buy Me a Coffee user.

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