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Best practices to share your page
Best practices to share your page

Tips on how to share the BMC page and increase its visibility

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Best practices to share your page

Congratulations on setting up your Buy Me a Coffee page! Now that you've taken the first step towards building a community and monetizing your creative work, it's important to ensure that your page reaches as many potential supporters as possible. Sharing your page effectively is crucial to achieving this goal. In this article, we will discuss some best practices for sharing your Buy Me a Coffee page and increasing its visibility. By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to growing your audience and generating support for your creative endeavours.


  • Add your page URL to the bio link.

  • Download the Buy Me a Coffee QR code and add it as a post with a clear description explaining the purpose of that QR code, pin it, so that every time somebody visits your profile, they get to see the QR code and may have the intention to scan it.

  • Regularly update your Buy Me a Coffee post, Extras, and Commissions as Instagram feeds which in turn increases the visibility of all your activities on the page.

  • Speak about your Buy Me a Coffee page on Instagram Live.


  • Similar to Instagram, you can add the page URL to your Twitter bio.

  • Making a tweet on every update you make on Buy Me a Coffee as an Extra, Commission, or even a post will let your Twitter followers stay up to date with your activities on the page.

  • Similarly, tweeting about an Extra sale, a booking received on your commissions, or the support you received is great, because such tweets increase your transparency with the followers and steadily get you more like an established creator.


  • Create a video explaining what Buy Me a Coffee is and how your supporters can use the platform to support you. Make sure the video covers every major feature of Buy Me a Coffee that a supporter must know.

  • Make use of the video description box to add your page URL or any other relevant URL. It would be more noticeable if you speak about Buy Me a Coffee at the end of your video and mention that you have added the URL in the description box.

  • Add the page URL to your channel’s About section and on the banner.


Install the official Buy Me a Coffee WordPress plugin by searching for "Buy Me a Coffee" from your WordPress dashboard or by visiting this link.


Use Medium to write an article about Buy Me a Coffee and how your Buy Me a Coffee account can be useful to your supporters. Here is how you can add the Buy Me a Coffee button to your medium account, which makes it easy for your followers to reach the platform and get you some coffee.

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