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Setting up Auto-Tweets with Zapier
Setting up Auto-Tweets with Zapier

This Zapier integration helps you tweet automatically every time someone supports you!

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Twitter is made for quick and repeated interaction, so you have to tweet fast and tweet more to establish a solid presence.

So how about you tweet every time you get a new supporter? This could be the perfect way to give your supporters a shout out and to encourage other followers to support you while asserting your presence.

But this could easily become a boring task, having to check for notifications and then going on and posting a tweet. Which is why we are making things easier with this Buy Me a Coffee + Zapier integration, with a few easy steps you can set up an automatic tweet to be send each time someone supports you.

Here's how you can do it:

  1. Create a Zapier account or log in if you already have one.

  2. Click on "make a new zap" and search for Buy Me a Coffee in the "choose app and event" section.

3. Select the trigger (an event that kicks off your automation) for which the Zap (the automated workflow) is to be made, in this case, select New Supporter and click on "Continue".

4. On the "Choose Account" section click on "Sign in to your Buy Me a Coffee account", and log in to your account from the window that appears.

5. After adding your account Click on "Continue".

6. Now, click on "Test trigger" from here you can see the sample response that will appear when the trigger is fired. Such as the supporter email, message, the sharing link, etc. Click on continue when you have familiarized with what the trigger provides, this helps in the next step where we set up the tweet.

7. In this step, select "twitter," then select "Create tweet" and click on "Continue".

8. Now sign in to twitter and authorize and connect your Twitter account from the window that appears. After that, click on "Continue".

9. Here you can design your tweet with the help of data collected from the trigger. Enter the message you wish to share via your tweet along with the supporter name and other details. Once you are done drafting the message, click on "Continue".

10. Now you can review your message, click on "Test & Continue" and then click on "done editing".

11. And that's done! You can simply turn on the zap by clicking the "Turn on your Zap" toggle at the top or bottom and your new supports will be now be tweeted automatically. 🎉

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