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How to set up Stream alerts 🚨
How to set up Stream alerts 🚨

Display your page link on your overlay and create custom live in-stream alerts for when you receive a support on your livestream.

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During your live stream, you have the opportunity to thank your supporters in a special way by setting up personalized notifications and alerts. When someone supports you during the live stream, their name and message will pop up on the screen. This personal touch makes your supporters feel valued and connected to your content.

Plus, it encourages other viewers to join in and support you too. Remember, showing gratitude goes a long way in building strong connections with your audience and inspiring ongoing support for your creative work!

Here's how you can easily set this up on your page:

  1. Login to your account dashboard and look for Buttons and Graphics under the Settings tab.

  2. Find Stream Alerts and either go with the default settings or customize how your alerts look and sound.

  3. If you choose to customize, make the desired changes to your Stream alerts settings.

  4. Copy the browser source URL provided for your alert.

  5. Use broadcasting software like OBS and add a new browser source. Paste the copied URL as the source. Adjust the position of the alert in your stream scene, making sure it's visible.

  6. Do a quick test run from your Stream Alerts settings page to ensure everything is working as you want.

Now your Stream alerts are all set and ready to go for your next stream! If you have any questions or find it confusing, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. We're here to help!

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