One of the best ways to acknowledge and thank your supporters for everything they do is to create special notifications and alerts that pop up on your stream and give them their 5 seconds in the spotlight.

Now let's see how you can easily set this up on your page -

Set up Stream Alerts

From your account dashboard, go to settings, select integrations, and click on connect.

You can go ahead with the default settings provided or you can change how your alerts look, and sound.

Customize your Stream Alerts

You can always go back, click on Customize, and make the required changes to change something in your Stream alerts settings.

Copy source URL

Once you are happy with your Alert, it's time for the real setup, for that copy the browser source URL to paste into your broadcasting software.

Set up Stream Alerts for OBS

Add a new browser source in obs and paste the copied URL as the source.

Your URL will now be displayed in your scene, you can place it anywhere you like, making sure that the red frame is completely visible in your scene.

Now, go back to your Stream Alerts settings page and set yourself a test and see if you are happy with the alert.

There you go, your Stream alerts will now be set up and ready to be activated during your next stream! πŸŽ‰

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