A Beginners’ Guide to Wishlist

Easiest way to get your wishes funded.

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Got a dream in mind? We can help make it happen! We might not have magic powers, but we have the Wishlist feature. You can list your wishes, and people can help fund them. It's a simple process, but if you'd like some guidance, you can find it here.

What Can You Wish For?

Well, that's entirely up to you! It could be anything that helps your creative journey – a new camera for video creators, books, art supplies, you name it. We're pretty flexible, just keep it within our guidelines. The key is to be clear about why you need it and share that with your followers.

Tips for the Best Wishlist Experience

  • Make sure to add a clear picture of what you want.

  • Explain why each item matters – it helps your supporters connect with your dream.

  • Remember, your supporters are your rockstars! Set up a personal thank you note to be sent when somebody funds or contributes to your wish.

  • Note that while you create one and before you hit publish, there's a checkbox. Click it, and all your supporters will know you've added a new wish. Trust us; it's a great idea.

  • Lastly, shout it out on your social media or wherever you're online and let your audience know about your new wish.

Peek into Top Creators' Wishlists

Curious about what others are wishing for? Some of our top creators have all sorts of interesting things on their Wishlist pages. Let's take a peek!

  • Suzuka: A standout example of a well-organized Wishlist, with clear images, detailed descriptions, and full funding for each wish. Truly inspiring for all Wishlist users.

  • Claire Troy: She captures the beauty of Tramore, Waterford through her lens and has a Wishlist tailored to her photography needs, aiming to enhance her creative journey.

  • EdwardX Cat Rescue: He is demonstrating a unique use of the Wishlist by focussing on using the feature for a good cause.

  • Higher Desert Exotics: This creative soul aims to enhance his work and has listed the most important item he needs in his wishlist.

  • NicknLex: This music lover wished for a new camera. It's a personal wish, but what you choose to wish for is entirely up to you.

So, don't wait – create your Wishlist now, share it with your supporters, and watch your dreams get funded!

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