How to create an Extra?

The article describes everything you need to know about Shops or Extras

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Extras are additional products or services that you offer to your supporters and members, which can range from digital items to physical goods. Buy Me a Coffee platform already provides several pre-designed Extras that you can offer to your audience. If you find this list insufficient, then you can make use of the “Start from Scratch” option.”

Steps to Create an Extra

  1. Access the dashboard and go to Extras. Then click on "My Extras."

  2. Choose from the available options or select "Start from scratch."

  3. Fill in the following details:

    1. Name your Extra with a descriptive title.

    2. Set the price for supporters to purchase the Extra. Here you can check in the box below to enable the “pay what you want” option.

    3. Optionally, add a featured image (recommended). If necessary you can add multiple images.

    4. Provide a detailed description of what you are selling.

    5. Create a confirmation message to be displayed after the purchase.

  4. Utilize the advanced settings, which include:

    1. Optionally, ask a question to supporters (e.g., email or physical address for delivery).

    2. Set availability limits for the Extra if necessary.

    3. Offer a special price for members to keep them engaged.

  5. Once you have filled in the details, click on the "Create" button.

Your Extra is now live and available for supporters to purchase.

Note: In case your Extra is a digital product click here to see how you can make it convenient for your supporters

Can I change the name Extras?

Yes, you can change it to shop. Click here to see how you can change the name Extras to Shop.

What can I publish on my extras?

The options are endless and for inspiration here we take a sneak peek into some of our creators' extras pages.

Hamilton Glass has extras that are physical branded merchandise like coasters and stickers.

Similarly, Kevin Wilson has digital products in his extras.

And, Ross Farley has drum transcriptions as his extra

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