Your wishlist can be anything you'd like to buy or goals that require funding. Setting up your wishlist only takes a few minutes. Here's how -

Step 1

From your account dashboard, click on the wishlist tab.

Step 2

Tap on "Add a wishlist item," and a form will pop up.

Step 3

Fill in the required details, such as the item's name, price, and image.

You'll also find a few more options to customize your wishlist; we have explained them below.

Add a note - Tell people why you need this product and what you intend to use it for. The more details, the better. It all helps supporters get as excited as you are.

Confirmation message - Add a thank you message to be displayed when someone funds your wishlist.

Notify followers - Use this option to announce your wishlist to followers. We will send them an email with the details of your wishlist.

Step 4

Hit publish when you're done. Your item will be added to the wishlist tab on your page. Enjoy your gift! 🎁


How can I promote my wishlist?

Copy your item link to your social bios (Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, etc.). You can also directly promote it to your Facebook and Twitter pages.

Can I enlist an item without an image?

Yes, but showing people what they'll be helping you buy is inspiring and motivating! Your product image is what others will see when your wishlist is shared and will help make an excellent first impression.

What can I add to my wishlist?

Your wishlist can be anything that helps your creative journey. It could be a book, hardware, or a piece of equipment... pretty much anything you dream up can find a place on your wishlist.

How to edit/remove a wishlist item?

Head over to the wishlist tab in your account dashboard. Find the wishlist item, and click on the hamburger menu on the right to find the edit/deactivate options. Deactivated items will no longer be displayed to your page visitors. However, if you wish to bring them back, you can use the reactivate option (Click on the hamburger menu next to the deactivated item).

Questions? Drop us a line at [email protected] or click on the black icon to chat with us. :)

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