If you're on the Standard Payout option, Payoneer allows you to get paid directly to your bank account. They offer withdrawals to offer 150 countries.

Connecting Payoneer on your page

You can connect your Payoneer account while setting up your page. Creators who are new to Payoneer can easily sign up and connect your account right from your Buy Me a Coffee account. Here are the steps to follow for that:

1. From your payment connection modal, select the "Standard payout via Payoneer", option and click connect.

2. A Payoneer connection modal will pop up, select your preferred withdrawal method, and click on "Sign up".

Note: If you are a Payoneer user, simply click the login link at the top of the modal to get your account connected instantly.

3. Fill in the required details and set up your account.

4. Once you have finished your account setup, you will be redirected back to your payout page, here you will be able to see all your Payoneer payment-related details such as your collected amount, payout history, and also an option to withdraw your balance amount.

Note: In case you want to disconnect Payoneer, you can click the settings icon next to the Payoneer to find the option for this.

If you have more questions about connecting your Payoneer account, just reach out to us at [email protected] (or just click the little icon at the bottom right of the screen).

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