What are monthly payouts?

We recently launched monthly payouts using Payoneer for creators who don't have access to instant payouts using PayPal/Stripe. Using monthly payouts, you can accept direct card payments and have them sent straight to your bank accounts via Payoneer.

How can I enable monthly payouts on my page?

Please fill out this form, our team will review your request and will enable the option on your page where you can connect your Payoneer account.

When will the payments be transferred to my account?

You can request a payout at any given point, and your payout request will be processed on the first day of every month.

Is there a threshold amount for requesting a payout?

Yes, you will have to wait until your total amount hits an amount of $20 or more to request a payout.

What about fees?

There will be standard fee charges from Payoneer along with a 5% platform fee from Buy Me a Coffee.

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