Connecting your PayPal to BMC is super simple. However, If you're having issues when trying to get this set-up, you try these steps:

1. Getting redirected to my PayPal account dashboard

If you run into this error while connecting your PayPal account, please try to remove API permission for Publisherr, Inc (Buy Me A Coffee) by visiting this page.

Afterward, please try to reconnect from an Incognito tab or a different IP address.

2. Successfully connected my PayPal account, but it still shows as disconnected

Your PayPal account connection is determined by PayPal by assessing various factors, including your browser, your internet connection, and such. We have had a few creators experience this issue where they receive the PayPal success message, but their account remains disconnected. In such a case, you can try following these steps-

  • Try again from a different browser, in incognito, or from another IP address.

  • Check and confirm if you are clicking on the "Return to publisher Inc" button.

  • Make sure you haven't connected your PayPal account to another Buy Me a Coffee page.

3. 401 error when clicking on the "Return to Publisher" button

This error occurs when there is a temporary issue with the PayPal redirect URL. You can wait for a few hours or could reach out to the PayPal support team for assistance.

4. PayPal connection shows "Enabled" but I'm still being asked to connect payments

This is a common issue with newly connected PayPal accounts where there is a delay in PayPal to return your account status. You can simply reconnect your PayPal account or can follow this guide to resolve the issue.

At this point, you should be good to go, but if you still have questions, just reach out: [email protected] (or just click the little icon at the bottom right of the screen).

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