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How to send an email broadcast?
How to send an email broadcast?

All info on using the inbuilt email marketing feature to reach out to your supporters or members any time, free of cost!

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As a creator on Buy Me a Coffee, you can send messages and emails to your supporters, members, and those who've made purchases from your Shop. You can get even more specific. You can target members subscribed to each membership level, as well as handpick individuals who bought specific items from your Shop.

This means you can tailor your messages to the right audience, keeping your communication personalized and on point. Here is how you can do that.

  1. Log in to your Buy Me a Coffee dashboard, go to Messages and click on the new message button.

  2. Choose your audience.

  3. Write your message. Now before you hit send tick the box if you want to send it as a message as well as an email. Otherwise, your audience will only receive a message in their supporter account.

That's it! Your message or email will be sent to the audience you selected.

Note: If you need to message or email a specific supporter, simply search for them using their email address and repeat the same process.

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