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How to send an email broadcast?
How to send an email broadcast?
All info on using the inbuilt email marketing feature to reach out to your supporters or members any time, free of cost!
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Direct messages, such as personal emails can help you not only better engage your customers, but also immediately connect and understand their needs in context.

So, If you're ready to begin engaging with your audience, an email broadcast is a great way to do that.

To send your own email broadcasts, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select your audience

Buy Me a Coffee offers the email campaign option for all your supporters, whether they are one-time recurring or someone who purchased an extra.

Once you have selected your audience, click on the "Message all" on the top right corner.

Note: You can also send an email broadcast to supporters who purchased a specific extra, for that, visit the extras page, select an extra, and then click on the "Message all" option.

Step 2: Craft your email content and send

When the email is all set, you can confirm the email address to which you would like to receive the replies and click on the send button.

And there you go, your broadcast email will be sent successfully and you'll immediately be able to see a success message. โœ…

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