When will the creator receive the money?

All Buy Me a Coffee payments are instant and direct. Hence, all funds coming to the creator’s page are transferred to their account as soon as the payment is successfully processed by our payment providers (PayPal/Stripe).

Can I make my support anonymous?

Yes, you can. If you wish to make your support anonymous, you can simply leave the name and message field of the support empty and your support will be completely anonymous. You can also send a private message to the creator via your support. For this, type in your message and check the “Make this message private” button right below the name and email fields before making your support. This makes your message private and only the creator will be able to view it.

Do I need to have a BMC Profile to support a creator?

No, you don’t. You only need an email address, to support a creator on Buy Me a Coffee. In the case of membership subscriptions, make sure you are entering your correct email address as your member account and all access to any exclusive content will be linked to that email.

Do I need to create an account before subscribing to a creator?

You don't have to create an account before subscribing to the creator's membership. Buy Me a Coffee automatically creates an account for you as soon as you complete your membership payment. This account will be linked to your membership email you entered at the time of the subscription. If by any chance you entered a wrong email at your subscription, don't fret, simply reach out to us with your payment details and we'll link your account to the email of your choice.

How do I access members-only content?

Creators on Buy Me a Coffee use their membership area to share exclusive posts and other rewards. To access any of these members-only content, you can simply log in using your email and activate your supporter account. Once you are logged in, go to your account home page, all recent members-only posts will be listed there. If it's the old posts that you are looking for, you can click on the creator's profile icon from the top section of your home page, you will be redirected to the creator's page. Go to posts, scroll down, or use the search option to find the post.

How do I cancel my membership subscription to a creator?

If you no longer wish to be subscribed to a creator, you can easily cancel your membership renewal and your subscription will not be renewed and will be canceled at the end of the current membership period. For that, log in to your account, click on your account icon at the top right corner -> My account -> Payments.

Once you are on the payments page, click on the hamburger menu next to your subscription and select cancel membership. Your membership will be canceled at the end of your subscription period, after which you will no longer have access to the membership content or perks.

If there are any more questions to be answered, just click on the message icon at the right-hand side of the page and ask away!

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