Can I connect both Stripe and PayPal to my page?

Yes, you can. We always recommend our creators to connect both PayPal and Stripe to their pages as this gives supporters more options to pay from. Also, while connecting both options is the more feasible choice, you only need any one of the options to start accepting payments.

How do I enable Apple Pay / Google pay options?

The Apple Pay/Google pay are payment options offered by Stripe. Hence, if you have connected your Stripe account, these options will be automatically available to any supporter who is making a payment from a device where Apple Pay and Google pay are supported and already set up.

What is the Pay What You Want option?

Buy Me a Coffee offers a Pay What You Want style payment option for all support and membership options. With PWYW creators can set a minimum amount for one-off supports and memberships and supporters can choose to pay an amount greater than or equal to the set amount.

What are credit card fees?

The credit card fee is the normal commercial transaction fee charged by PayPal/Stripe. They both charge 2.9% + $0.30 per online transaction. By default, this fee is paid by the creator, however, if you want to, you can let this fee be charged from the supporter's end. For that, go to your account dashboard -> settings and turn off the cover credit card fee option.

Why does the PayPal fee vary for different locations?

PayPal fee varies with respect to the country from where the payment is made. PayPal doesn't provide an API to determine this during the time of payment, hence we use our systems to find out the fee applicable for the transaction. And this may have a slight variation with the actual PayPal fee, at some locations this may be lower than the actual fee recorded by PayPal and vice versa.

Does the Buy Me a Coffee fee vary according to my location?

No, it doesn't. Buy Me a Coffee charges a standard 5% platform fee and it is the same for every creator irrelevant of their country or location.

How can I send a receipt for a transaction?

Receipts for every transaction are easily available on your Stripe/PayPal dashboards. For Stripe, each payment in the Dashboard has a Receipt history where you can view and send receipts. In PayPal's case, they will automatically send you and your supporters a notification whenever a payment is made, it won't send an additional receipt from you acknowledging that you received the payment. If your supporters require a receipt with every payment, you can create one using the details of the transaction that PayPal makes available.

How are VAT/Taxes handled?

Buy Me a Coffee does not charge VAT from our creators. Because, unlike other platforms, we don't act as an intermediary between you and your supporters. Creators accept support, sell memberships, and other services (extras and shop items) directly to supporters, using the Stripe or Paypal accounts connected to their Buy Me a Coffee page. Hence, there are no delays in getting your money, however, it also means that creators themselves need to handle the business side of VAT.

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