People are inclined toward things that give value and last longer where there’s also no need for periodic renewals.

This is why, 40% of all membership subscriptions on Buy Me a Coffee are yearly, which means - your supporters who find meaning in your work and content will be willing to invest in a long term plan.

So, here's how you can sell lifetime memberships to your supporters using extras -

Step 1

Go to dashboard -> extras

From the list of available templates, select "Start from scratch".

Step 2

Set up your extra by filling in the extra name, description, and confirmation.

Make sure to ask for the member's email and limit the number of slots. Limiting the available slots is optional, but this will make the deal exclusive and will also make it easier for you to manage the membership.

Step 3

Once you have completed the setup, click on "Add this extra", the extra will be added to your page.

Step 5

As soon as supporters start claiming your extra, your claims and the collected details will be added to your claims page.

Step 6

Copy the email shared by the supporter who purchased the extra and add them as your lifetime member using the "membership giveaway" option. Don't forget to mark each extra as "completed" as soon as you add the member.

Your lifetime member has been added successfully! They will immediately receive an email with a direct login link using which they can easily log in and access your membership content.

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