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How to publish members-only posts?
How to publish members-only posts?
Learn how to create new posts for your members with this step by step guide.
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Posts are an easy way to deliver to your members the perks and contents they signed up for. They also open up an opportunity for your members to stay interactive with you by liking and commenting and sharing your content.

So follow these 4 easy steps to get your first member-only post out there -

Step 1

Go to your account Dashboard - > My Posts

Once you are in your posts tab, select the "Write a post" option

Step 2

It's time to add your post content. Start by giving a title for your post, and then simply start typing in the content area.
You can also add images and videos to your post, for that click on the image or embed content icon and easily upload or embed them to your post.

Step 3

Once you are happy with your post, you can move on to the final step that is publishing -

- Start by making your post "members-only", this makes your post exclusive, and only accessible to paid members.

- Select the membership level you would love to give access to this post.

- You can check the "Email this to my active members" checkbox if you want to send an email copy of this post to your followers making content accessing that much easier for them.

Step 4

Hit "Publish now" to publish the post instantly, or, click "Schedule" to choose a specific time and date to have the post published and the email sent. Scheduled posts will not be visible to your members until after the date and time you choose.

You can also click "Save as draft" if you're not ready to publish your post just yet.

Once published, your posts will be added to the "posts" tab of your creator page, you can share your posts via twitter or using the direct link!

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